PS4 Emulator Will Make You Fully Enjoy Sony’s Fourth Gen Games Without Owning a Console

It has taken nearly four years, but finally, there is a way to crack open those PlayStation 4 games and play them for good on your smart devices or your desktop. PS4 Emulator software is here, and it’s ready to have you playing for the long run wherever you are at all times. I didn’t even know it was released already until I stumbled across PS4Emus’s website where I discovered the tool has already been in a market for few months. In the current 8th generation, the war on consoles has been somewhat unbalanced. X-Box One has been faced a lot of issues regarding their ability to provide exclusive games to their users while Nintendo switched platforms mid-way from the Wii-U to the Switch and it’s slowly climbing his way up to the top again. PlayStation 4 remains the strongest contender among console players in the world right now.

PS4 Emulator

For People missing the Party

While the Sony console remains popular and keeps a steady track of solid sales, there are a lot of people that feel they are being left out of the loop because they chose other console or merely because their games mustered enough curiosity to try them out at least once. After all the PS4 is the console that still manages to get the most significant number of exclusives out of all the platforms and the one who garners the most interest by developers given the fact that the hardware of the device is set to last the same run as the PS3. With so many people out there financially challenged, it’s impossible to buy a console just to try a few games, that’s why this program exists.

How the Application Works

The easiest way to explain what an emulator is it’s by simply trying it out. The utility can be downloaded to any desktop or smart device and run PS4 games in the same way you would run them in a console. You need to head on to the website of the utility, download the .exe file and run it along in your device of choice to start playing. The games are available in .ISO files such as it happen with these offerings. There is no escalation on older entries of the games available since most smart devices, and current computers are as powerful as the PS4 when it came out. As you can probably guess by now, this software can run easily first and second year-games of the console. New offerings can prove to be a bit more troublesome, but they are still available for the daring.

Download the Emulator App

The program is supported for desktop computers as well as for major mobile operating systems.
Supported OS include: Windows (XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10), Mac OS-X, Android “.apk” & iOS

Its developers manage the Instagram page of this emulator so you can find download link there.

Overcoming Setbacks

Even with this little setback in the way, you don’t need to fear about future offerings. The team behind this program is continually working on the utility to make it work better. For instance one of the best features of the app is solving the matter related to space when it comes to games. PS4 is quite the potent machine, and the initial offering of the console just had 500GB of HD to store the games. Given the fact that almost all games in the PS4 take up to 50GB of storage space to get installed, it’s a given that you will eventually run out of space to add new games and will be forced to delete the data on a couple just to play new ones.

The Solution to the Space Problem

With this tool you can stream the games directly from the company’s direct servers, just as players of Steam can play games without installing every single byte of it on their computers. The feature is a fantastic breakthrough that brings users the ability to play for hours without needing to fill their main hard drives with a ton of data that slows down their desktops or their smart devices. If you happen to have a powerful computer with lots of space and want a clean gaming session with no lags or issues you can still download the games directly into your devices and enjoy the hell out of them. This software is very versatile when it comes to handling games, and as such it will keep adapting to the needs of the player.

This ability to adapt is the one that makes this PS4 Emulator one of the most sought after apps on the year, full access to library of PlayStation 4 games is not something to joke about, even devices with low specs can access the app as long as the build is no older than the year when the PS4 entered the market. Make sure to try it out. We are pretty sure you will get hooked on it and take a lot of time to play until your eyes dry out!