About Us

If you are looking for kindred spirits in the world of video games, Empathy is here for you. We bid you welcome to our website, and we hope your stay here is pleasant. If you are wondering what our deal is, we can only state that we love video games and we want everyone to enjoy them as much as we do. Gaming is currently undergoing its 8th generation with some of the most powerful machines the world has ever seen providing entertainment on any angle. Nintendo is allowing you to play anywhere with the Switch, Sony is offering the most solid line up of games ever conceived with the PS4, and Microsoft is keeping tabs on both to deliver their best products in years. There was a time when games where meant to be enjoyed without pressure. Our goal is to take you there, no matter which console you own.

The current standards of the world make everything about competition. At Empathy, we make everything about the joy of gaming. Our approach about up and coming products is based on our perceptions of each game and how much we enjoy them out of the blue and without expectations. Our mindset is to take you back to those days where you just experienced a game without the pressure of buying the latest popular release out of the commitment of being left behind. When it comes to video games, it doesn’t matter how popular is the IP, what really matters is how much joy it provides to gamers above everything else. We believe we can accomplish this mindset by taking away all the negativity that is commonly found in every place right now and by promoting some much-needed Empathy. We hope you get to enjoy video games in this mindset as much as we do.