Everything You Need to Known About Mortal Kombat 11 so Far

The Kombat is not set to end yet. After being with us for nearly 26 years now and after revamping the timeline with Mortal Kombat in 2011, Mortal Kombat 11 has been revealed this past December with a teaser trailer and full reveal in January. Netherrealm Studios has taken the internet by storm with a series of announcements regarding the classic IP as well as a lot of details regarding the gameplay. Since the Internet loves weird for the sake of it, we also have a brand new meme that is making all the rage among users on social media. People are requesting the main developer Ed Boon, a man who has a knack for getting weird guest stars to the MK games, to add Shaggy from Scooby Doo fame to the lineup.

Mortal Kombat 11

What we Known so Far

Much of the story seems to be a heavily guarded secret. As past MK games, this new entry seems to have a storyline following the events as they have been occurring since MK (2011) and Mortal Kombat X in 2015. So far the tiny bits of the story seems to point out that there will be a lot of time manipulation and multiverses including. The first clip showed us that after the events of the last game Raiden has turned evil and resentful. He goes on an all-out war against Shinnok and kills him before the events of Mortal Kombat 4 can take place. With the timeline threatened and Raiden pissed off at everyone, is time for the Earthrealm heroes to set everything right before reality is destroyed. That’s right: Raiden is the villain this time!

New Threats Calls for New Heroes

With reality, unbalanced and history being rewritten by Raiden is up to Kornika The Time Keeper to set everything the way it’s supposed to be by leading the charge with many familiar faces from past games. Guys like Scorpion, Sub-Zero, Sonya Blade, Skarlet, Baraka, and Liu Kang join forces with Kornika to stop Raiden. Joining the classic line up, we will see also a new face, a man named Geras, a server of Kronika, the new guy can pull his punches with the ability manipulate sand and time to defeat his opponents. The first screenings of gameplay show a brutal, and cunning character that will cause a headache for one too many people. There is also a familiar face returning, this time working for the good guys: Shao Khan will be playable for whoever preorders the game.

More Details on the Game

Nine characters have been confirmed on release to this date, but many gamers are sweating bullets since the reveal event had a screen with 25 spots. There is rampant speculation that at least 10 of those will be offered as paid DLC. While it wouldn’t be weird given the current industry standard of selling unfinished games, there is also a chance that this is a marketing ploy to reveal the full lineup as the date of release gets closer. (We sincerely hope for the second). There is also a bit of news that you either love or hate: Sonya Blade is being recast and will be voiced now by UFC/WWE superstar Ronda Rousey.

As it happens with these decisions, the fans of the wrestler may be thrilled, but MK fans are not exactly pleased since in the test footage she sounds dull. Dana Lyn Baron was consistently voicing the character in the last two generations of MK games, but she was recast for Tricia Helfer for MK X, just to be recast again to favor someone “famous.” Regarding one of the classic traits of the game, fatalities are back and better than ever. The often bloody and gory performance done after each fight to kill your enemy is still there activated by commands. They are always hilarious to look at and often outright ridiculous and absurd, but they have become such a staple of the game that is hard to see a new entry on the franchise without it.